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CATEGORY : Time Trigger Vault October 29th, 0 Comments

Time Trigger – Sharing Time Sensitive Documents

Did you know that you can use the Time Secured App to ensure that time sensitive documents can be sent out, exactly when you want them to? You may wonder when would you need that service, well here are day to day examples of how the Time trigger vault in the Time Secured app can make your life a little easier by making sure secure files are sent at a ti of your choosing:

  • Development applications and reports that need to be submitted to Municipalities and City Hall at a specific timeline
  • Project Management and other work reports to clients and managers to meet a specific due date
  • Specific title deed documents and real estate contracts and purchase agreements associated with specific times
  • Legal documents that must be filed with a court clerk at a specific timeline
  • Sending out report cards and newsletters at specific times and dates
  • Issuing out time-sensitive notices and updates to community groups and residents
  • Date and time-sensitive emails, videos, pictures, and/or personal notes for a birthday or event milestones

These are just some of the ways you can utilise the Time Trigger vault option to easily meet your life and document sharing needs. What other ways can you identify where the Time Trigger vault can be handy?

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June 10th, 0 Comments

Time Trigger Vault – Fun & Creative Uses

One of the great options of the Time Secured App is the time trigger option for your vault.  As one of the first apps to provide time-based file sharing, Time Secured App allows you something that no other provider does, setting the exact time and date of when you send files, and that includes Birthday notes.  Because the full potential of time-based file sharing has not yet been realized, the possibilities are endless.  But here is one fun way to use the app to send precious birthday notes, videos, and/or pix to your loved ones –especially at milestone birthdays.

You may not remember every time to send something to your loved ones, but Time Secured takes the guesswork out of sending files at specific times and dates.  You can easily utilize the vault type to:

  • Send sweet 16th or great 18th birthday notes and pictures;
  • Send a memory and a bay photo for each milestone birthday – and they can compile them and print them out;
  • Send them tips and life advice appropriate to their age at specific milestone dates;
  • You can send them bank account information, or access to gifts and money on the exact day they reach 18 for example;
  • Write a birthday letter or card each year and set the time so they send it automatically;
  • Send birth certificates or other document scans that they can legally use (i.e. stocks and bonds) at a certain birthday as a gift (you can keep hard copies in the bank for safekeeping);
  • You can be creative and send “phone call invitations” at certain times to let them know you are ready for a nice long chat;
  • You can send yourself visual boards, or travel ideas at certain times to let your future self know what your dreams are (were); and
  • You can do time capsules with newspaper articles, photos, and other documents.

The possibilities are endless for the types of fun and creative ideas the Time Secured Time Trigger vault can be used for.  Enjoy exploring the opportunities!


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